The threshold with the thermal insulation insert, Parmax® Wooden Doors: Exterior and interior

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The threshold with the thermal insulation insert

The advantage of the aluminium threshold is in its aesthetics, resistance to mechanical damages and abrasion and low size to facilitate free movement without tripping risk. It is of special importance for elderly persons, children and persons in a wheelchair.

The aluminium threshold with the thermal insulation insert is installed in the properly prepared duct in the floor under the doors (the so-called “warm installation”) as reinforcement and additional heating insulation. The threshold consists of chambers filled with air, thus ensuring the proper insulation above the floor level. Thermal insulation inserts may be connected with further elements added.

The correctly provided warm installation of the threshold will keep heat inside the house, resulting in less heat dissipated and less energy needed to heat the house. Warm installation of the threshold may be done when the first entry door is fitted in the house or when the old door is replaced. One has to remember that the entry door should be installed only after completion of wet construction works inside the building.



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