Handles, Parmax® Wooden Doors: Exterior and interior

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Available colours: stainless steel, polished chromium.

Produced of high-quality stainless steel with modern technologies. High resistance to atmospheric conditions (the handles maintain unchanging colour, are resistant to corrosion and scratches), guarantee of safety closing (a modern safe installation system), and long-term use are additional advantages in favour of these handles. The handles are provided with 5 years of guarantee. The Ultra Finish coat applied in the production process of the handles guarantees aesthetic appearance and long lasting use. It is guaranteed by the technology in which metal and ions of gases are mixed at the molecular level. With this technology, the coat of the handle is 6 times harder than the traditional coat, which allows lifetime use of the handles.


Handles INOX

Handles Hoppe

Handles AXA

Available colours: INOX, Silver, Old Gold, Titanium

Handles Linea Cali

Available colours: INOX, Silver, Old Gold, Titanium

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Parmax in TVP

Parmax in TVP

We were recently invited to the TVP Meritum Biznesu programme.

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