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About us

Parmax is a company producing entry  doors, using the most modern technologies, ahead of designer trends and, what is most important, highly renowned among customers. Its prestige comes from pedantic caring about the minutest details and precision of execution. Aesthetic elegance attracts looks, but what the eyes cannot see – durability, functionality, energy-saving characteristics – is equally important for experienced experts who incessantly care about the highest quality of our products.

Entry doors

The entry doors are the invitation to enter the house and reflect its architectural nature. Our preferred style combines traditional elegance with elements of modern design. Modern forms of glass set in natural, quality wood create remarkable results that may be called innovative classics. Perfectly matching accessories, hidden hinges, and hand-made precision finishing of our doors determine their tasteful appearance. Durability of this beauty is an additional advantage, ensured with the five-coat painting technique. This system protects surface against scratches and greasy spots around handles, thus retaining the original appearance of the doors for long years.

The offer of Parmax includes a broad range of perfectly made entry doors that feature original design and traditional and exotic wood types, all in the attempt to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Why doors from us?

Exceptional insulation parameters, energy saving characteristics (door thickness 100 mm) and elements protecting against freezing and draughts do not allow entry of cold air, and at the same time keep heat inside the house. This solution is perfect for those who care about saving money and for those who care about the environment. Ecological awareness is nowadays very high, and the doors produced by us are our response to the resulting needs. With the use of the latest technologies and the best quality material in its class, our products feature the highest quality.

Entry doors are not only an aesthetic item that touches up the image of the house, but also its protection. Our doors are fitted with a number of modules protecting against unwanted visitors. 3-point automatic strip lock, a long catch strip, interlocking bolts, anti-burglary window pane, two-section bolts – maximum safety is in standard of Parmax.

Taking advantage of the achievements of the latest technologies, we also offer fingerprint readers and code panels. This is definitely the most secure and the most innovative protection of the house available in the Polish market.

See for yourself

We create a new vision of doors and a new standard of security. Combining classic design with a pinch of modernity, innovativeness of refined steel with natural grandeur of wood and benefits for the house with the welfare of the environment, we provide products of the highest value. Care about satisfaction of customers is our main priority, and its execution is confirmed with the continuously increasing customer base.

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Parmax in TVP

Parmax in TVP

We were recently invited to the TVP Meritum Biznesu programme.

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