Door opening systems, Parmax® Wooden Doors: Exterior and interior

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Door opening systems

Automatic lock

Locking when the wing is pushed against the door frame.

Automatic power lock

Used with the button on the keep or with the fingerprint reader.


Lock with automatic locking

Daytime mode switch

The blue element in the central part of the lock allows to switch the door (oneTouch) to the so-called daytime mode.
It is used to open the door from the outside without a key. It is a practical solution that allows, for example, to unpack shopping products from the car, leave for a moment to the garden or let in the children returning from the school.

Innovative 2-part bolts

The design of the autoLock AV3 interlocks ensures high security level and optimum tightness, effectively protecting the door against atmospheric factors (chill, wind)

The button to open the door placed on the keep:

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Parmax in TVP

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