The PROTECT system, Parmax® Wooden Doors: Exterior and interior

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The PROTECT system

  1. protectSmoothing impregnation (protection against blue stains, fungi and partial discolouration of wood)
  2. Dyeing impregnation allows to achieve the coat of especially high quality to emphasise the natural appearance of wood. As a result, protection against water is significantly increased
  3. Internal glaze of high resistance to atmospheric factors and very good transparency
  4. DSL thick-coat glaze (a layer of excellent resistance to atmospheric factors, flexibility and protection against UV radiation, actively breathing, Friendly to the environment)
  5. PROTECT (the paint coat – the silky mat translucent paint coat – facilitates maintenance of excellent cleanness of the door surface and good resistance to scratches. The PROTECT system does not yellow, does not react with human sweat, creams, oils, and eliminates dark stains in places of intense long-term use, is free of biocides)

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Parmax in TVP

Parmax in TVP

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